REpower CEO calls for policy stability in Australia

Melbourne, 10 October 2012. This week Andreas Nauen, CEO of the German wind turbine manufacturer REpower Systems SE, a wholly-owned subsidiary within Suzlon Group, visits Australia. REpower Australia is the local subsidiary based in Melbourne. The company has around a third of the Australian wind energy market, with over 1,000 megawatts (MW) of wind energy contracts over 15 wind farm projects - enough to power around 440,000 homes. To secure Australia's clean energy future Andreas Nauen calls for policy stability.

He says: "Australia is well positioned to make the transition to a clean energy future. It has some outstanding renewable resources that can help transform the way electricity is produced here."

Nauen notes that the transition to a clean energy future is a global challenge that Australia has helped to lead. "The Australian Renewable Energy Target was one of the first large scale drivers for renewable energy investment in the world. It has delivered over $18 billion of investment in clean energy since it was introduced, and has been used as a model for other schemes around the world", He says.

Further, he stresses that transforming the way we make and use energy ultimately requires strong leadership from our Governments. "Around the world, Governments are responding to the challenge of investing in clean energy infrastructure." Nauen adds: "While in some situations there is a need for Governments to develop and implement new policy to drive change, Government leadership can also mean defending the effective operation of good policies, particularly when these policies are under attack."

The REpower CEO highlights the importance of protecting the integrity of the Renewable Energy Target, which is currently under review. "Australia has terrific renewable energy resources, a sound policy framework, and a skilled workforce. The Renewable Energy Target is a well-designed scheme that is effectively delivering least-cost renewable energy. It is time to leave the policy framework alone and lock in a stable investment climate for clean energy, so that the industry can get on with building the renewable energy projects needed for a greener tomorrow."

Andreas Nauen is CEO of the German wind turbine manufacturer REpower Systems SE, a wholly-owned subsidiary within Suzlon Group. REpower Australia, the Australian subsidiary of the company, is based in Melbourne, Victoria. Prior to joining REpower, Andreas Nauen was CEO of Siemens Wind Power A/S.


REpower CEO calls for policy stability in Australia (PDF)