Senvion Australia welcomes Victorian Government leadership on renewables

Senvion Australia welcomed the Victorian Government’s commitment to reinstate the Victorian Renewable Energy Target to top up a significantly reduced national RET.
Chris Judd, CEO of Senvion Australia said:
“An increased market for new clean energy projects would be great for Victoria. New wind farms can deliver significant benefits to local communities, including new jobs and growth opportunities for small businesses.”
The Victorian approach depends on the Federal Government removing the current legislative barrier to state-based schemes.
Chris Judd said:
“We welcome the leadership shown by the Victorian Government on renewable energy, and hope that it is matched by a renewed focus on clean energy at the Federal level."
“The industry is suffering as a result of over 15-month’s uncertainty resulting from the RET review. While we welcome recent progress in negotiations around the target level, it is critical that our political leaders put aside their differences and agree on a clear path forward for clean energy in Australia."

Senvion Australia welcomes Victorian Government leadership on renewables (PDF, 21,56 kBytes)