German technology, geared up for the cold

MM92 RivRenard

Founded in 2007, the Canadian subsidiary Senvion Canada Inc. is based in Montreal, Quebec. Senvion opened up a second office in Toronto to better serve the Ontario market. In 2013, Senvion opened an office in Vancouver, British-Columbia to cater to the Western provinces. Senvion also has an American office in Denver, Colorado. Senvion has been active in North America for over 6 years and in 2013, the Montreal office became the headquarters for North American operations.

Senvion began installation of its wind projects in early 2010 as part of a framework agreement with EDF EN Canada for 1000 MW in the province of Quebec. Our first project, Saint Robert Bellarmin, was the first to be connected to the grid, making it our first commercial wind farm.

With the opening of the office in Toronto, Senvion was able to sign for several projects in the region, as well as establish a North American blade facility – PowerBlades Inc., and open a service base in Kitchener, Ontario.

As Canada’s wind industry matures, our dedication to the country grows. Senvion is committed to providing high quality technology that is adapted to Canada’s cold climate. We pride ourselves in working with local and regional experts to ensure that your projects get a maximized yield.

As of January 2015, the Senvion Canada footprint equals almost 800 MW and the capacity of future projects totals almost 1.2 GW.

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