A New Year Full of Energy

It is on the heels of a very eventful and productive 2014 that we find ourselves in a new year. This year was a busy one for Senvion Canada. With over 800 MW installed in Quebec up-to-date, and the completion of several Ontario projects, we are pleased to be able to share the highlights of our successes over this past year with you.

In this newsletter, we reflect on the achievements of 2014, not just as milestones, but as guiding points for our upcoming projects in the new year. For instance, Springwood and Whittington,  our second and third wind projects in Ontario are connected to the grid and fully operational. Our project, Rivière-du-Moulin, has been moving along smoothly and its first phase has been commissioned. Moreover, we have signed a contract for the First Nations project, MU and, will be embarking on this project in the new year.  We are proud of these milestones, as these projects, at all their various stages represent our dedication and loyalty to developing the wind sector in Canada.

As 2015 begins, we are confident that this year will prove to be just as eventful for us. Senvion plans to install  its first 3 MW  turbine on Canadian soil. The 3.2M114 will be equipped with a hot air anti-icing system. We are also sharpening our focus on Ontario and its LRP process. We will be presenting customized products for the province and of course new technical developments, grid requirements and service packages. As a token of our appreciation we cordially invite you all to attend our 3rd annual Senvion Customer Day in Toronto, coming up in the spring.

On behalf of all of us here at Senvion, we wish a great start and a lot of energy for the New Year. 

Helmut Herold
CEO Senvion North America
Senvion Canada Inc.

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