An Ever-growing Share: Senvion Installs it’s 111th multi-megawatt offshore turbine at Nordsee Ost.

In a series of success stories for the ever-growing Senvion offshore turbine fleet, the installation of the 111th multi-megawatt turbine off the coast of Germany, at the Nordsee Ost wind farm site is another milestone. It is the 111th installation of the world’s most powerful commercially mass produced offshore turbine—the Senvion 6.2M126. The Senvion 6.2M126 – part of the 6.XM series – is new in its class with its large rotor diameter and high-performance electrical system. With this technology you can count on greater energy yields, a longer life span and, low maintenance and operating costs.  

Senvion SE CEO, Andreas Nauen commented on the success saying, “We have managed to install 19 turbines for Nordsee Ost in just ten weeks. This cements our position as the strong number two in the offshore market.” Nauen concludes, “And we are again showing pioneer spirit: Not only are we applying another assembly method with single blade assembly offshore, we are also installing our own PowerBlades at sea for the first time.”

Having already made a name for itself as a pioneer in technological feats of engineering after the release of the first 5 MW turbine on the market in 2004, Senvion has quickly become one of the most important offshore wind turbine manufactures in the world. According to a report released by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), Senvion has a very apparent and  ever-growing share of the market*.

Just recently, Senvion  installed an onshore prototype of its newest offshore turbine —the Senvion 6.2M152, which will set the standard for the cost-effective generation of offshore wind energy. Thanks to the larger rotor diameter of 152 metres, the energy yield at wind speeds of 9.5 metres per second, is increased by up to 20 percent. The commissioning of the prototype has already been completed successfully and Senvion looks forward to putting this model in to operation later this year.

* “European Offshore Wind Industry: Key Trends and Statistics for 2013”. European Wind Energy Association (EWEA). 2014.

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