Photo essay about PowerBlades is featured on Clean Energy Canada’s website

What goes into a blade? This question – long-time photographer of Senvion turbines and clean energy enthusiast – Joan Sullivan, seeks to shed light on in her recent photo essay about PowerBlades.

PowerBlades Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Senvion SE. Senvion Canada Inc. manages PowerBlades’ operations in North America. The photos detail Sullivan’s experience touring the manufacturing facility in Welland, Ontario.

Sullivan provides the public with an inspiring and precise illustration of the blade manufacturing process at PowerBlades. From the birth of the blade in the main shelling area, to the various finishing stations and finally, on to the finished product, Joan Sullivan eloquently captures each step of this process with her photographs.

The essay is featured on the Clean Energy Canada (CEC) website. The CEC is an organization working to accelerate Canada’s transition to clean energy. They have published the essay in hopes of shedding light on the complex process of blade manufacturing, and how the sector creates jobs in areas like the Niagara region.  

The photo essay can be viewed at:

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