Megawatts and megajobs for Ontario

Senvion entered the Ontario market in 2011 and has been constantly enlarging its presence since.
In December 2012, Senvion signed six additional contracts for wind farms in Southern Ontario. With the signing, we decided to invest in a blade factory within the province. This facility, PowerBlades, allows Senvion to generate a high level of local content. 

Furthermore, Senvion is proud to supply its turbines to Canada’s first wind energy cooperative in the city of Oxford in partnership with Prowind and the OCEC. In 2014, after completing commissioning for the Oxley, Springwood and Whittington wind farms in Southern Ontario, Senvion Canada’s capacity in the province totals 24 MW, with another 150 MW in the pipeline.

Our dedication to providing our clients with innovative technology is what drives us and it’s proven to be what’s behind our growth. We are proud of our accomplishments and continue to work to expand our excellent services across Canada.