Senvion service unlocks the full potential of your wind farm. We have created a four-pillar system to ensure optimized performance. Our service concept for monitoring, maintaining, regaining and enhancing performance will make sure that you get the most production out of your wind farm; more performance and efficiency, more output and yield, more uptime and revenue.

In North America, we have a team of experienced service technicians with expert knowledge of our technology. Need a component exchange? No problem. We have  a localized parts  supply chain, as well as experienced local teams to install them. This makes us especially fast – which means more production for you.

While our teams are local, our know-how is global: Senvion utilizes big data from over 10 000 Senvion wind turbines worldwide. That means that our global knowledge is at your service.

No matter what your needs are, we’ll have a solution specifically tailored to your project. With our new customer service concept, you are in good hands.

Our service products

Rotor Blade Ice Detection

The innovative ice detection system uses fibre-optic acceleration sensors on each blade to accurately detect the presence of ice, circumventing the need for visual inspection on-site and associated downtime. Our intelligent turbines allow for an automatic restart after an icing event. Your benefit:

  • Shorter downtimes thanks to precise measurement of the actual icing status directly on the rotor blade
  • Automatic restarts without the need for extensive visual inspections yielding subjective results
  • Reliable ice detection with no constraints on lightning protection thanks to a purely optical measurement method


Major component service

Senvion has established dedicated teams and specialized tooling that make major component exchanges a breeze. Such investment in our local teams allows us to reduce downtime associated with exchanging major components by up to 50 percent. Our custom designed tool container kit can easily be transported across North America.

Turbine Control Upgrade 1.0

The Turbine Control Upgrade is a bundle of performance-enhancing software products, derived from our data analysis activities and comprises the following features:

  • Dynamic yaw
  • Smart Turbine Start

Dynamic Yaw

Dynamic Yaw provides a more precise yaw system of the wind turbine by reducing the tolerance range of the rotor from the existing wind direction. As a result, the turbine reacts more sensitively and more quickly to changing wind directions. This results in an optimized inflow of the swept rotor area and increased energy production.


  • Optimized inflow  of the swept rotor area increases Annual Energy Production (AEP)
  • Increased power output despite increased yawing
  • Particularly effective for turbines located on easy and medium-complex terrain

Smart Turbine Start

Smart Turbine Start enables the cut-in speed of a wind turbine to be reduced and to start at wind speeds below the usual 3 m/s or 3.5 m/s (depending on the type of wind turbine). By doing this, more energy can be produced even in the lower partial load range.


  • Reduced idle time increases output at low wind speeds
  • Site-specific adjustment of start-up speed based on smart algorithms

Our Service Contracts

Senvion service contracts can be flexibly adapted to suit your needs. Nonetheless, with our Integrated Service Package (ISP), you are taking full advantage of Senvion’s service concept. With complete cost control, backed by our time or production guarantee concept, our ISPs are a simple, worry-free solution in providing complete coverage of your wind farm. The package includes the replacement of major and minor technical components if needed.

Benefits of our ISPs

  • Complete scheduled maintenance coverage, including gearbox oil exchange
  • Complete unscheduled maintenance coverage, including major component replacement and crane services, for the term of the ISP (up to 15 years)
  • Service is backed by time or production based guarantees
  • Retrofits and updates are covered under the ISP
  • No cap on repair and replacement of major components
  • Comprehensive nature of our ISP increases bankability of your project

ISP-T - Time-based Integrated Service Package

The ISP-T includes all maintenance and repair work to ensure your wind farm is technically capable of operation and protects your investment by providing compensation if your turbines are operational for less than the guaranteed time of technical availability. The guaranteed availability includes time for maintenance, retrofits and inspection.

ISP-E - Energy-based Integrated Service Package

The ISP-E covers all monitoring, maintenance and repair services to minimize downtime and maximize performance and safeguards your investment by providing compensation if the annual output of your wind farm falls below the guaranteed potential output.

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