4.2M118 NES

Great performance in mid to high wind locations

The 4.2M118 is the perfect solution for great performance in mid to high wind locations. The smart and robust design results in a highly efficient and reliable turbine and offers outstanding flexibility and economic efficiency with 10% higher output compared to the Senvion 3.6M118.

  • Nominal power: 4,200 kW
  • Rotor diameter: 118 m
  • Hub height: project specific

  • Wind class: mid to high wind
  • Operating temperature range: -20 – +45 °C
  • Rotor surface: 10,936 m²
  • Higher yield

    10% higher output compared to 3.XM
  • Wind class

    Optimized for mid to high wind locations
  • Modularity

    Project specific hub heights available

Technical data 4.2M118 NES

Datos de diseños

Potencia nominal4 200 kW
Velocidad de conexión3 m/s
Velocidad de desconexión22 m/s
Rango de temperatura operativa estandar-20 – +45 °C


    Altura del bujeClase de vientoZona de viento DIBt
    Project specificIEC S (based on IEC IB)-


      Diámetro118 m
      Superficie de barrido10 936 m²
      Control de potenciaSistema de control de Pitch electrico


        Longitud de las palas57,8 m
        TipoGlass fiber-reinforced plastic (GFRP)

          Sistema eléctrico

          Frecuencia nominal50 Hz/60 Hz
          GeneradorSquirrel Cage Induction Generator
          Clase de protección del generadorIP 54
          Tipo de convertidorFull converter with DC intermediate circuit

            Nivel de emisión de ruido

            Nivel máximo de emisión de ruido105 db (A)

              Curva de potencia

              Senvion Technology

              The 4.XM series features a well-proven modular and evolutionary technology concept based on the Senvion 3.XM series. The smart and robust design results in a highly efficient and reliable turbine concept: from the aerodynamically optimized rotor blade, compact and efficient drivetrain, advanced control technology right through to the transformer. This flawless interplay delivers high energy yields while keeping sound emissions low.

              Next Electrical System

              Our turbines, which are equipped with the Next Electrical System (NES), already fulfil the grid requirements of tomorrow. All NES turbines are based on the tried and tested MM and 3.XM series construction concept.

              1. 1

                Generator/frequency converter

                • Variable speed range for optimum yields
                • Fully encapsulated generator with air-air heat exchanger
                • Optimum temperature inside generator, even at high ambient temperatures
                • Water-cooled converter power electronics for optimised cooling
                • The converter and controllers are located in the tower base, leaving even more space in the nacelle and making operation that much easier

              2. 2

                Gear system

                • Planetary/spur gear
                • Satisfies stringent demands in terms of service life and operating smoothness in line with Senvion gear specifications
                • Elastomeric torque arm bearing for structure-borne sound insulation
                • Low temperature thanks to efficient oil cooling system
                • Three-stage oil filter system for excellent oil quality

              3. 3

                Rotor blade

                • Individual blade profiles for optimal aerodynamics of the rotor
                • Robust aerodynamic design guarantees best possible performance, even in difficult wind conditions or when dirty
                • Proven quality, tested statically and dynamically in accordance with IEC specifications
                • Fully integrated lightning protection in accordance with IEC protection class I

              4. 4

                Pitch system

                • Virtually maintenance free electrical system
                • High-quality, large blade bearing with permanent track lubrication and external gearing
                • Integrated deflector in the spinner as protection from the elements
                • Maximum reliability through redundant blade angle detection with two independent measuring systems
                • Fail-safe design with independent drive and control systems for each rotor blade

              5. 5

                Rotor bearing and rotor shaft

                • High quality spherical roller bearing with bearing with perfectly fitted bearing housing and permanent lubrication for maximum service life
                • Rotor shaft aligned with transfer of torque

              6. 6


                • Four-point contact bearing with external gearing, powered by top quality high-performance gear motors
                • Holding brakes with hydraulic pressure accumulator for fail-safe function relieve drive systems when inoperative and stabilise nacelle
                • Minimum stress on the drive trains thanks to low friction of four-point bearing and brake release during wind tracking

              7. 7

                Holding brake

                • Generously dimensioned disc brakes hold rotor safely
                • Soft brake function for minimum wear of gearbox

              8. 8


                • Natural frequency of tower higher than rotational speed of rotor (rigid design) ensures minimum stress on tower and nacelle
                • No speed restrictions, as no frequency interference
                • Maximum component safety thanks to L-shaped flange and stress-optimised door opening


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