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1. Australia  
Projects in Australia Projects overview Our reference list of projects to date. ProjectContractTurbinesOwner NEW SOUTH WALES Cullerin Range S&I 8 x MM82, 7 x MM92 Energy Developments…  
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Contact Senvion Australia Pty Ltd Level 29 · 80 Collins Street Melbourne · VIC · 3000 Australia Phone: +61 3 8660 6555 Fax: +61 3 8660 6500 au.info[at]senvion.com  
Downloads All our brochures are now available in Japanese  
4. Senvion Australia Pty Ltd  
Senvion Australia Pty Ltd Senvion Australia has been delivering wind energy solutions since 2002.  Our people have the skills and expertise to safely design, build, operate and maintain wind…  
5. Wind Turbines  
Senvion Wind Turbines The Senvion product range comprises wind turbines with an output from 2 megawatts up to 6.2 megawatts and rotor diameters from 82 up to 152 meters.  
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Yields that will blow you away You can’t do much about the wind. But, with the right turbine, you can make the most of what’s available. Read more on our reference projects in Australia and Japan. …  
7. Community  
Community Senvion Australia has seen the benefits that wind farms can bring to local communities, including: Regional investment; Local employment opportunities; Training and skills development;…  
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Press Releases  
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Submissions At Senvion Australia we are committed to doing what we can to help Australia move to a low carbon economy. Increasing Australia's sustainable energy supplies requires a supportive…  
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Senvion job offers Here you can find our vacancies at Senvion: Senvion job offers (Senvion Global Website) If you do not find an offer that corresponds with your profile, please feel free to send…  
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