Senvion Netherlands B.V.

Senvion Netherlands B.V. is  a wholly owned subsidiary of Germany based Senvion GmbH, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of onshore and offshore wind turbines with rated outputs of 2.05 MW to 6.33 MW.

The registered office and service centre are located in Nijkerk, approximately one hour from Amsterdam. Senvion installed its first Dutch wind farm in 2010 and the registered office, from which our sales and commercial management teams operate, was established in 2014. 

Senvion currently has over 190 MW installed in the Netherlands, including the Princess Alexia wind farm which features 36 x 3.4M104 turbines, enough to supply 88,000 households with renewable electricity annually.


August 8, 2018 - Senvion to service one of the Netherland’s largest onshore wind farms

Senvion to service one of the Netherland’s largest onshore wind farms (PDF)

Countless options, one solution: the modular 4.XM series

The 4 MW series combines all the best features of our proven portfolio. With a modular technology concept, a wide range of turbine types, rotor diameters and project-specific hub heights, they ensure the best match for every project and optimized yield at every location. Our continuous, evolutionary development based on proven, robust designs results in highly reliable turbines delivering high yields at a low LCoE.


Senvion Netherlands B.V.
Sluiswachter 20 D,
3861 SN Nijkerk · Netherlands