REpower UK showcases UK’s most powerful onshore wind turbine

REpower’s 3.4M104, the UK’s most powerful onshore wind turbine, is now delivering power to the grid for the first time at Hainsford Energy’s Blyth Harbour Wind Farm in Northumberland.

This historic first phase of the Blyth Harbour Wind Farm re-powering project was followed by a special ‘open day’ event for REpower’s clients and partners, in collaboration with Hainsford Energy and the Port of Blyth. The event showcased the 3.4M104 to prospective buyers and interested parties, and provided an opportunity for them see the UK’s most powerful onshore wind turbine up close. Visitors also participated in a question and answer session with key members of the Blyth Harbour Wind Farm project team.

The REpower 3.4M104 was sold to Hainsford Energy in January 2012 for construction on land adjacent to the East Pier at Blyth Harbour as the first phase of the repowering of the Blyth Harbour Wind Farm, which was originally built in 1992. The 3.4M104 produces more power than the original nine 300KW turbines, combined a single wind turbine of this model can provide power for nearly 2,000 homes.

Port of Blyth Chief Executive, Martin Lawlor, confirmed he was delighted to see the pioneering turbine erected in Blyth commenting: “This important development re-affirms Port of Blyth’s position as a leading renewable energy focussed port, with the handling capacity for the largest turbines, as a home for major developments in wind and biomass, as well as having the facilities to accommodate renewable energy related manufacturing and service companies and will only assist in attracting further significant investment to the Blyth estuary.”

At the recent HUSUM Wind Energy fair in Germany, REpower also announced the expansion of their 3 megawatt turbine series which will see a re-certification of the 3.4M104 machine for higher wind speeds.

Rick Eggleston, Managing Director of REpower UK comments:

“The 3.4M104 signals the future of the onshore wind sector in the UK. Using larger capacity turbines like this means that onshore wind farms can be even more productive in relation to their size and REpower is leading the way in this respect. It is essential for the future of the industry that we generate more power from available sites. The re-certification of the turbine demonstrates REpower’s commitment to develop turbines that provide our customers with high yields in all wind conditions – the new certification will make the 3.4M104 ideally suited to windier conditions in UK sites. ”

Charles Rose, founder and owner of Hainsford Energy said:

“The 3.4M104 represents the first phase of the Blyth Harbour Wind Farm repowering project – the original nine 300KW turbines were part of one of the first onshore wind farms in the UK. Subsequent phases will see 3 further 3.4M104 turbines erected along the East Pier. We are also delighted to be working with REpower UK again, following a long standing relationship which goes back to 2006 when REpower supplied the turbines to Hainsford's first repowering project the Caton Moor Wind Farm.”

Hainsford is one of the UK's longest established  renewable energy companies, owned by Charles Rose, who has been at the forefront of developing renewable energy and pioneering the repowering of existing wind farms in the UK  for many years, as well as  developing wind energy internationally in Europe, Southern Africa, Australia and Latin America.