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Senvion’s re-launch in North America

by Lance Marram, CEO North America, Senvion

Since 2002, I have been building renewable energy businesses around the world. Among the roles I have held, my new position as Senvion’s CEO for North America promises to be the most exciting and stimulating yet. While I have my work cut out for me in a hyper-competitive marketplace, I have started to capitalize on Senvion’s strengths.
It is not yet well known that Senvion has enjoyed success in the United States and Canada over many years, with 1,260 turbines across 13 states and provinces totaling about 2.6 GW of capacity. We have a fairly strong foundation to build upon across the continent, but it’s clear we can do much more.
My #1 priority is re-launching Senvion in North America and achieving new business with our increasingly strong line-up of products and with some exciting new ones in the pipeline. As we continue to add new turbines to our portfolio to meet the needs of our clients, we will be able to help them reduce the overall cost of energy. Meanwhile, we will differentiate ourselves through our strategic advantages such as providing the largest nameplate capacity turbines with the lowest noise levels in the market. We will add value for our clients with our unique ability to be versatile and agile cooperating and customizing opportunities to support their needs.
That brings me to my next priority: building Senvion’s service business.  We are well positioned to offer customers continuous improvements to their overall business case. As clients continue to purchase our turbines and as we earn a reputation for providing business certainty over the lifetime of the Senvion product line, our growth will increase with both existing and new clients.
Partnering with customers to sharpen their competitive edge is our new policy. We are now servicing 70% of our business and want to deepen the relationships we already have and build from there.  We are also going to put a proud priority on our product prowess. I believe that the market is moving toward larger-sized turbines – a turbine class where Senvion has so much experience to share and we will lead this trend.
We certainly have the financial resources to do so. While we remain a Hamburg-based company with a German-engineered portfolio of products, we are now majority owned by one of the world’s leading private equity players: Centerbridge Partners of New York. We also completed an IPO last year on the Frankfurt stock exchange where we are traded under the symbol SEN.
Senvion is a $3 billion company with the capability to become more successful more quickly in North America because we can be more flexible and faster than our rivals when it comes to serving customers. Because I have been on their side of the business advising them on which turbines to buy, I can see the business clearly through their lens. Having benchmarked the competition in my previous role helping customers procure the right turbines at the right price, I now feel able to help connect them with the right Senvion solution for their specific needs.
We are re-launching in North America under exciting circumstances. As we roll up our sleeves, we look forward to building our business by partnering with our clients and stakeholders to achieve success – a ‘win-win’ approach.
Now and always, I welcome your comments and feedback:

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Lance Marram is in charge of Senvion’s growing operations in North America, where the company’s regional business now has an installed capacity of over 2.6 GW of wind energy generated by almost 1,300 turbines across 13 US states and Canadian provinces.
For more than 15 years, Lance has served as a senior executive for global wind turbine manufacturers and in consulting and advisory roles for wind energy developers. His extensive experience spans a full spectrum of sales, business development, and operations functions across North America, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and other emerging markets.</em>